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Capps, John Walston   9/28/2014    
Lynch, Calvin Leland   9/26/2014    
Pearson, Rachel Abernathy   9/18/2014    
Nicholson, Ruby J.   9/11/2014    
Runion, Kimberly Harrison   9/8/2014    
Bower, Glennie Clary   8/17/2014    
Evans, Nelda Spence   8/17/2014    
Acree, Charlie Herbert   8/10/2014    
Cannon, Gladys Malone   8/9/2014    
Raney, Beverly Temple   7/23/2014    
Chambliss, Earnest Roy   7/20/2014    
Grizzard, William Todd   7/13/2014    
Walker, Sr., Sidney Arthur   6/27/2014    
Dean, Jr., William Gregory   6/24/2014    
Clarke, Joseph Dwight   6/23/2014    
McAden, III, James Hugh   6/23/2014    
Kopko, John Richard   6/18/2014    
Lucy, Jane Johnson   6/12/2014    
Gibbs, William Denton   6/9/2014    
Clary, Hattie Belle Pollard   5/31/2014    
Jones, Lois Hawkins   5/31/2014    
Bishop, Howard Branch   5/19/2014    
Ingram, Robert Nathaniel   5/17/2014    
Gauldin, Peggy Wesson   5/9/2014    
Whitby, Sharon Marie   5/9/2014    


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 - American Veterans

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